Brexit Fashion

Brexit Update by Aspect Plus and
Fashion Business by Adriana Chiari Magazine
Amba Hotel, Marble Arch, London
Photos: Alessandro Filizzola

Two great events for the Brazilian community happening consecutively in London. The first one, Brexit Update, a core update on the last news about the Brexit and how it can impact on the Brazilian community leaving in London. The second one, Fashion Business, an inspirational round of great facilitators discussing about the fashion market in UK and in the world.

Brexit Update

  • Vitória Nabas: Brexit e as consequências para os Europeus e imigrantes no UK
  • Alessandra Furlan: Validação de diplomas de profissionais da área da saúde no Reino Unido e onde encontrar esses profissionais seguramente
  • Cláudia Vieira: Settled & Pre-settled status, Residência permanente no Reino Unido para os Europeus e seus dependentes

Fashion Business:

  • Samanta A. Bullock : Moda inclusiva
  • Fernanda Andrade : Moda e conteúdo em redes Sociais
  • Reginaldo Fonseca: Como trabalhar com moda no mundo Moderno.

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