O Cruzeiro da Matriz – ou “onde foi que amarrei a minha égua”


The church crucifix that has left from the old church located at the central square of Gameleiras / MG is now being used to tie horses. The centenar traditional church was demolished to be replaced by a new building which can be seen behind the ruins.
This image is part of the “Conhecer Para Preservar” project. During two years we visited traditional communities near by the conservation natural State park of “Caminho dos Gerais” located in one of the poorest areas in Brazil, in the north of the State of Minas Gerais. Despite the economical issues they have invaluable natural resources related to the unique confluence of three distinct biomes: Cerrado, Caatinga and Mata Atlântica. The aim of this project was, with the help of the locals and The Institute of Forests of MG – IEF, to register the beauty and the richness of that area through their people, traditions and magnificent nature. The images produced were returned to that communities as and exhibition to stimulate, evoque questioning and foment their peoples self-esteem and feeling of belonging along with the need to preserve the biomes and their local culture. The final goal of the project was to become a tool to help them to develop their economy in a sustainable way through the tourism and empowerment of the communities. The images generated by this project were adopted by the government to be used on the public schools of that area. The overall experience also became the bases of the research for my MBS dissertation in 2013.
This picture shot in February of 2013 tells and resumes the changes and conflicts on going in traditional communities where ancient values are being replaced by modern references. Where things that once were sacred are now being depleted of their meanings and losing their cultural importance, by adopting the empty symbolism of a lifestyle that comes through the mass media.